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@ a Glance

SYSKIM commenced operation in 1995. It is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with its international headquarter located in Sydney, New South Wales, and global offices located in Korea and North America.

Highly skilled professionals are part of the SYSKIM International team at all levels, including development, production and sales.

Last year SYSKIM enjoyed a gross turnover exceeding budget expectations which, combined with robust growth forecast for the future along with an expanding customer base, will see SYSKIM in the world market well into the future.

SYSKIM respects the client’s precise needs. SYSKIM delivers customer service and products that lasts for the life of the product and beyond.

In a competitive global market, SYSKIM sets itself apart through an ability to supply a “stand alone” or “complete solution” to our customers in areas of communications, broadcasting, mining and the defence industry.

Success has recently been achieved through our development of circular connectors demanded by the RF industry. With its primary manufacturing and assembly facilities located in Korea, linked with specialised engineering and final stage assembly facilities in Australia SYSKIM provides a unique capability to supply in a timely fashion, according to specialised world standards for the transport, military and RF industries, as well as general applications.

SYSKIM Australia has n increasing global presence and is focused on expanding our business by establishing new relationships whilst enhancing business affiliations with our existing valued customers.

Our quality products are deployed by some of the world’s leading vendors. SYSKIM values the partnership with these world leaders which are evidence of our quality and stability in the engineering world, as these vendors demand world benchmark products often within short timeframes.

SYSKIM intends to continue being an innovator, delivering advanced high precision product to world leading vendors.

For product information we invite you to browse our website or email us on sales@syskim.com.